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Everyone else has a web site, so I figured, why not me too? On this site I'll describe myself and share my interests and ideas.
So, here I am, Aseem Kumar, a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering, now pursuing MBA at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India since July, 2004

My Photos
Please click here to view my photographs taken together with my friends. Recognizing me should not that difficult; I am the only one common in all of the photographs.

My Favorites

Favorite movies: Saving Private Ryan   Forrest Gump   Schindler's List   The Matrix Trilogy   Million Dollar Baby

Favorite books: Nineteen Eighty Four   Freedom at Midnight   The Godfather

Favorite pieces of writing: Although much has been written about Abraham Lincoln, there has been little rhetorical analysis of how this public man communicated with his listeners. Yet by studying his rhetoric closely, we can gain real insights into Lincoln as an orator, debater, jester, lawyer, statesman, leader, and president. America’s greatest public orator, Abraham Lincoln’s speeches still stirs the heart of any American who encounters them.

Lincoln's Letter to Mrs. Bixby   Lincoln's Gettysberg Address   Lincoln's letter to his son's Headmaster

Favorite Quote: "It's impossible", says Reason. "It's reckless", says Experience. "It's painful", says Pride. "Try", says Dream. The bring a dream to life.

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